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Dear Therapist: My Hubby Keeps Texting With a that is female

Dear Therapist: My Hubby Keeps Texting With a that is female

Hes lying about this, too. Just Just What can I do?

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Dear Therapist,

Recently I found that my better half and a colleague that is female of have texting streak heading back so far as 2016. I discovered this out once I saw their phone. While theres absolutely absolutely nothing intimate within their communications, in which he assures me personally they have been just buddies, we have actually over and over repeatedly expressed my displeasure and disquiet concerning the situation. We have additionally over and over repeatedly expected with this behavior to cease. He lies and informs me they no further text, until he gets caught red-handed again.

We’ve been seeing a married relationship counselor regarding this as well as other dilemmas. He’s lied to your counselor about their colleague to his texting relationship. Interestingly, while Ive known she exists as their colleague, he’s got never ever introduced me personally to her also though i understand every one of their other work friends.

I am told by him i am overreacting and that i ought to get over it. I will be considering isolating from him if their behavior doesnt stop. just What would you recommend?


Dear Anonymous,

Listed here are two ways that are different glance at your circumstances:

1) Your spouse is just a liar that is no-good you really need to leave him. (more…)